Introducing ArmorWoolTM

a product of ArmorMax Engineered Systems.

A revolutionary insulation product line using next-generation technology to act as a shield – and provide superior performance – for your high-temperature insulating needs.

Superior Handling

On the balance beam, the ability to bend, be secure and maintain the right balance is necessary for an optimal performance. In the insulation industry, optimal performance in cutting and handling is what ArmorWool provides.

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Toughest Tensile Strength

On the rings, it’s all about strength and mental toughness to outperform the competition. ArmorWool provides that strength and toughness for your needs.

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Lowest Thermal Conductivity

When the heat is on, it’s how you handle it that can make or break your project. When you need the best product for the lowest thermal conductivity, ArmorWool is ready to handle the heat.

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Watch our webinar originally presented at the 2021 Aluminum USA trade show and learn what ArmorWool can do for you.

What does ArmorWool do for you?

Beyond the product benefits, ArmorWool allows shutdowns to be faster and less frequent, increases productivity and creates a safer work environment due to fiber structure and less exposure. Plus, because you won’t need to replace insulation as often, you can save money, have less waste to remove, and that is good for you and for the planet.

Use less over time
Save money
Better worker safety
Save on waste disposal
More eco-friendly

ArmorMax Engineered Systems is proud to introduce ArmorWool insulation products, a next-generation of high-temperature fiber materials using the innovation of ultra low-shot (ULS) technology. These premium blankets, boards and paper – available in PCW, RCF and AES – are superior high-temperature insulating solutions for the steel, aluminum, ceramics, auto and OEM industries. They provide lower shot, higher mechanical strength, optimum thermal performance, superior handling, higher quality and greater cost-effectiveness.

Superior Handling • Toughest Tensile Strength • Lowest Thermal Conductivity

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ArmorWool products include PCW, RCF and AES blankets, boards and paper. Whatever your insulating need is, ArmorWool has the solution.


ArmorWool blankets offer many benefits, including proven technical solutions, low shot technology, excellent insulation performance and thermal stability, high handling strength and more.

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ArmorWool boards benefits include high temperature resistance and low shrinkage, resistance to erosion from high velocity gasses, excellent thermal insulation performance and more.

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ArmorWool papers include a wide range of benefits, including high fiber index, low shot technology, smooth surface and low dust, excellent insulation performance, and more.

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While ArmorWool is new to ArmorMax Engineered Systems (ES), providing high-temperature insulating solutions is not.

ArmorMax ES is one of the MAX group of companies based in New Castle, Pennsylvania with two additional facilities recently opened in Lebanon, Pennsylvania and Anniston, Alabama. Founded in 2000, we have been focused on meeting industry demands for providing value, responsiveness and high-quality refractory, insulation and specialty products to heat-processing industries.

As a part of these ongoing ideals, when we learned about the superior aspects of ArmorWool, it was an easy decision to bring the product into our family…and to you.

Services available from ArmorMax Engineered Systems include:

• Custom Ceramic Fiber Modules
• Electric Element Systems
• Wall Paper Linings
• Shop Installations
• Large-Format Fiber Systems
• Structural Steel Modifications
• Engineering Services
• Engineered Lining Systems
• CAD Drawings

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